With suitable technical and engineering capabilities and utilizing efficient machinery and equipment, Cheene Sazeh Beihagh Co. (CHEESAB) has more than 18 years of successful experience in civil and industrial projects in water and waste water treatment, water, waste water and power transmission lines, building and urban construction, roads, bridges, earthworks, mining and the supply, installation and commissioning of industrial plants and equipment around the country in national and private projects with acceptable delivery time and quality.
National Iranian Copper Industries, Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization of Iran, Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company, Mobarakeh Steel Company, Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and municipalities of all the twenty-two Tehran's municipal areas are among employers in above-mentioned areas.
The company has received below certificates from Management and Planning Organization: Grade 3 in water, grade 3 in transportation, grade 5 in building and grade 4 in mining and industry, also grade 4 in the category of municipal contractors.
The number of active personnel at head offices and project teams is over two hundred person with the head office engineering team always supporting project teams.
Given the high volume of our construction projects and in order to make the company competitive in the marketplace, more than 95 percent of the machines used in projects are owned by the company. In addition to heavy, medium and light machinery, implementation and installation equipment, silos, mixing units, generators, and tankers, the company owns also an asphalt plant and a stone crusher set with a capacity of 120 tons per day.
For each area of activity, the company has established a special committee to pursue company’s general goals based on predefined duties and responsibilities. The main areas of activity is thus divided into the following sections and a strategic plan has been developed for each service description:
- The implementation of civil projects in the fields of water and waste water, mining, buildings and road.
- Engineering and design
- Installation and commissioning of industrial equipment
Importance to quality, health and environmental standards, planning systems and integrated management system are the most important indicators defined in the company. Full implementation of ISO processes in the comppany has resulted in obtaining ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO18001, and safety clearance certificate from the ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare.
In order to improve quality, perform multiple controls and speed up the implementation of projects, Cheene Sazeh Beihagh Co. (CHEESAB) has established its equiped laboratory units in the project workshops in the following areas:
- Concrete and material resistance 
-Tar and asphalt
- Soil mechanics
All necessary tests are carried out by the laboratory experts before and after the work.