Relying on technical knowledge of civil and mechanical engineering graduates, Cheene Sazeh Beihagh Co. (CHEESAB) was established in 2004. The company initially focused on three principles: expertise, perseverance and customer satisfaction and by which has made notable and rapid progress as a contractor in Iran during the past 18 years despite numerous economic difficulties and recession, with timely completion and delivery of quality projects, the company finally received grade-2 certificate in contracting.
The company has gained a worthy place among large state employers in recent years with active participation and good reputation in other civil and industrial fields including water and waste water treatment plants, water, waste water and power transmission lines, mining, utilities and industrial equipment. Moreover, using technical and specialized staff with experience and advanced industrial machines, the company formed industrial equipment installation and commissioning department for installing, testing, pre-commissioning, and operating industrial equipment and structures especially in petrochemical sector.
Another goal Cheene Sazeh Beihagh Co. (CHEESAB) successfully achieved was the formation of design and engineering department which not only provided executive teams with technical support in civil and EPC projects but also made it possible to offer design and engineering services for other companies in areas such as water and wastewater treatment, water supply, building, architecture, industrial and non-industrial electrical and mechanical installations.