In order to improve quality, perform multiple controls and speed up the implementation of projects, Cheene Sazeh Beihagh Co. (CHEESAB) provides project workshops with advanced laboratory facilities to perform necessary tests before/after work by laboratory experts of the company.
Concrete and material strength lab:
Determination of slump, compressive strength of cubic or cylindrical samples, concrete test, Schmidt hammer, coring of hardened concrete, concrete mix design, tensile/compression/bending tests for steel sections such as rebar, bars, screws, straps and steel plates for determination of failure stress and other common tests.
Bitumen and asphalt lab:
Bitumen experiments, graining and quality of asphalt material, asphalt mix design, determining the uptake percentage of material bitumen, determining the percentage of bitumen and voids of asphalt samples, Marshall tests to determine density, strength, and other canonical tests.
Soil mechanics lab:
Base and sub-base gradation of soil and material, finding specific gravity and water absorption, abrasion resistance test (Los Angeles), California Bearing Ratio (CBR) test, delimitation of fluidity and plasticity and other common test.